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Dr. Markus Gappmaier

Markus Gappmaier, a pioneer of holistic business process management, is an internationally recognized expert on solution-oriented change, as well as process and knowledge management. He has published and presented internationally, and his methodology for holistic business process management, hBPMâ„¢, has been successfully applied in hundreds of companies in Europe and in the United States. His approaches are solution-oriented, cooperative and visual in nature, and they support socio-technical systems in the areas of learning, communication, joint value creation, planning and coordination.

Dr. Gappmaier has been involved in research and implementation in the fields of process and knowledge management for over a decade. Even before topics such as business process reengineering became "hot topics," Dr. Gappmaier was contemplating ways to improve process and knowledge management in corporations. He also has extensive experience in leading organizations focused on these tasks. For six years he directed the Competency Center for Knowledge and Process Management (a department of Linz University’s Institute for Personnel and Organizational Development in Industry and Administration). In addition, he led Brigham Young University's Competency Center for eBusiness Process Management for three years.

Dr. Gappmaier is the mastermind behind GappBridging's hBPM methodology. This methodology includes PCDM™, a powerful process analysis and design method. This method is flexible, visual and participatory – which means it can help increase and improve communication, involvement and decision-making in an organization. PCDM has been shown to be extremely helpful in business settings, and, in addition, has been adapted for use in marriage and family counseling, in formal teaching and planning roles, and even in personal and family settings.

One of Dr. Gappmaier's desires is to not only teach others, but to certify others in hBPM, so they can help organizations manage their business and interpersonal relationships more effectively. He has developed an international certification program for business process managers (the CBPMâ„¢ Training Program). He has also organized seminars to enable process leaders and certified business process managers to come together to receive continuing education in the area of process management, to learn new hBPM tools and techniques as they become available, and to exchange ideas with one another.

With master's and doctorate degrees in social and economic sciences, Markus has studied in the areas of Organizational Behaviour, Information Systems and Work Psychology / Sociology. He has taught Management and Information Systems both at Johannes Kepler University in Linz, Austria, and in the United States at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.

In addition to leading GappBridging International (with a main focus on directing GappBridging's European and US activities), and his teaching, research and development, Dr. Gappmaier supports a market-leading technology provider as Chief Process Officer.

Michelle G. Linford

Michelle G. Linford received her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and her Master of Business Adminstration (MBA) from Brigham Young University, with an emphasis in Organizational Behaviour. It was in the MBA program that Michelle first discovered her interest in Business Process Management. She participated in a student process consulting project with a local firm, and was a co-author on a paper with two professors on a technique called REAL process modeling.

Her passion for business process work inspired Ms. Linford to accept a job as a Business Process Consultant with Telcordia Technologies (formerly Bellcore). She worked with clients around the world to help them improve their operations, shorten time-to-market cycles, reduce operations costs, and increase customer satisfaction. Projects included an extensive focus on business process design and improvement, as well as other services including organization design, best practices research, and organization transformation (Telcordia's term for assisting government-owned entities in their conversion to become competitive, market-focused organizations). Ms. Linford was also involved in creating and facilitating various business process training courses.

Ms. Linford has been with GappBridging since 2003. As a business process consultant, she is excited about the power and versatility of GappBridging's tools and techniques, and enthusiastically recommends them to anyone interested in business process management. (She only wishes she had known about GappBridging years ago!)